About the Artist

Jim Stamp is the principal artisan blacksmith at Hammered Iron Works. He grew up surrounded by tools and people trained in their use. After a career in Information Technology, he decided to pursue his dream of artistic metal-smithing full-time. Jim creates custom artwork, such as custom railings, furniture, gates, and fire screens combining old-world black-smithing techniques and modern processes. He has found balance between the interactive client design and molding iron and other metals to create outstanding functional art. Jim takes pride in client and artistic satisfaction.

Hammered Iron Works focuses on hand-forged excellence. Materials are heated to 2200 degrees in a forge and then hammered and shaped into the desired form. Thus, creating custom functional art to satisfy clients' needs and desires. We pride ourselves on delivering unique creations that exceed customer expectations, with a fit and finish second to none. During the design process, Hammered Iron Works with the customer to articulate their vision and develop the artwork design.